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What does it mean to say “have a heart”?


It’s an imperative; having two meanings and both are appropriate: could be demanding attention and showing that it is absolutely necessary, something that is required and unavoidable or an invitation to have an attitude of benevolence.

  • “Show some compassion” . . . be merciful, show pity, be reasonable. To be generous, understanding and forgiving.
  • It means not to give up in the face of adversity . . . that you can do things larger than you are.
  • It can be used when someone is demanding too much attention or setting unrealistic expectations.

Well, what we mean is someone who is generous, kind, caring, loving, giving and always well disposed to do good to everybody, whether to a friend or to an enemy. Being a “have a heart” person is not actually an easy thing. To be a “have a heart” person you need to have lots of patience and understanding. No matter how many persecutions, mockery, criticisms, humiliations, and hardships the world may give or send to a “have a heart” person, she will never give up in doing good deeds. A “have a heart” person always keeps his doors open to all people, whether to a friend or to her greatest enemy. He that has a big heart always puts everybody above himself or always puts himself second to others.

Some of us would say, having a heart means to love the people around you unconditionally and accepting them for who they are. It means to let go of your prejudices. It means to give time of your life to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.

Do you know a person who owns a big heart and is known to “have a heart”? What does it mean if someone has a big heart or if it is said that someone is “all heart”?

When we say that someone is “all heart,” we are using a basic idiom to say that that person is full of positive attributes like love, charity, goodwill, and generosity.


“Our main aim is to “have a heart” for all people no matter what their cultural background, past or present circumstances. Our main rule is to provide acceptance, love and forgiveness.

Our philosophy is based on the word “philozenia” which is the word for hospitality. However it has a much deeper meaning than just that . . . directly translated it means “the love and care of a stranger” It’s about going the extra mile, doing more than what is required, being extravagant and bending over backwards to assist and providing care and compassion. 

We are committed to valuing each and every person equally and providing each one the equal right to be accepted and nurtured as a part of the community.

Respecting the cultural diversity of people and encouraging people from all nationalities to utilise the Trust’s facilities and services.

Inspiring people to reach their full potential; working cooperatively with others in the development of social services; and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

To assist in the creation and development of programs to provide benefits to people in the community who because of their circumstances beyond their control are in need of assistance and support. To be in collaboration and networking with various agencies, jointly and corporately providing assistance and making referrals as the need requires.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we work with other organisations and provide opportunities through our activities and services, for those with a particular need to make connections with whoever has the resources, skill and ability to make life better.

“The most exhilarating, fulfilling and supreme experience in life is developing and maintaining authentic, honest and holistic relationships.”

— Chris Barnard


Be a silent partner with financial support; making contributions to projects or ongoing monthly contributions towards the overall goals of the Trust. You can claim tax credits of 33% for donations.



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